LOOK focuses on the DNA of each element that is thoroughly researched and tested. Each material has unparalleled characteristics, and the challenge is to create a virtuous dialogue between some of them to build unique eyewear.

That is why each LOOK frame is a reflection of a refined functional, modern, essential design.

In the process of creating a fine artifact there is a certain moment when technology takes a back seat in favor of the implementation of manual skill. These are processes performed by skilled hands, handed down by the experience of our craftsmen, and which no machine can reproduce.

The Masters of Color in LOOK know all the secrets of the chromatic dimension, skillfully mastering the alchemy of pigments and the multifaceted nature of hues. Countless are the crucial steps in the finishing process to enhance the surfaces of the material and the distinctive details of the eyewear.

We set ambitious goals so that they can be experiences of personal as well as professional growth.

It is the hands that make the difference.

Building excellence

In LOOK, the DNA of each element is carefully researched and tested. The use of innvovative materials and, at the same time, alternative technologies to process them is the basis for the development of each LOOK frame. Each material has unparalleled characteristics, and the challenge is to get the most out of their applications. The goal is always to arrive at total reliability and the best comfort for the user. We can thus guarantee high quality, style and practicality to those who choose a product 100% made in Italy.

NIL - Plastics visions

Our NIL, an acronym for Natural Injection Light, is an excellent material for use in children's frames because it provides high performance for the everyday life of young children due to shape memory and hypoallergenicity.
In its use for ADULT size glasses, NIL allows us to create modern and unique shapes. All this without sacrificing the lightness that characterizes this material.

In addition, the combination with other materials - such as our XINOX - opens up the possibility for new color combinations and unique contrasts between matte, glossy and metallic surfaces.

ACETATE - The dimension of transparency

Compounded with plant DNA that makes it a prized compound, cellulose acetate is one of the most esteemed and sought-after materials in the world.
A durable and robust material that we have designed to combine manual skill and technological application.

Thus are born collections characterized by workmanship of pure Italian craftsmanship.
Known for its durability, it is a hypoallergenic material and very gentle on the skin.

XINOX - The energy of steel

An ultralight hi-tech steel that allows it to be thinned into MINIMAL thicknesses while maintaining its mechanical properties.
Ensuring perfect release and proper flexibility are an existential mission for this metal, without depriving itself of lightness and incredible strength.

It does not release nickel in contact with the body, is hypoallergenic and nontoxic.
XINOX plays a key role in cutting-edge materials by remaining undoubtedly the highest performing steel.

ALUMIX - Futuristic metal

A metal alloy developed to give eyewear unparalleled lightness, strength and total reliability. A pair of glasses made of ALUMIX is surprisingly comfortable, providing a perfect balance with respect to the peculiarities of the face wearing it.
The presence of magnesium in ALUMIX allows sensational moldability.

Ultralight, hypoallergenic, as the perfect internal composition leaves no room for the presence of nickel. Endlessly recyclable without ever losing its inherent properties.

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