On Thursday, July 4, we had the pleasure of hosting at our headquarters in Longarone a selected delegation of journalists for the PRESS TOUR organized by ANFAO. The meeting was a unique opportunity to present LOOK from the origin of vision through our innovations in eyewear.

Look & Lookkino by SPECTR

For our collection shoot, we were able to win the latest models from the ICONS spring/summer 2024 collection from LOOK. With their contemporary flair, the ten models in the collection embody the essence of the Italian premium brand and combine classic shapes with modern design elements.

Lookkino Sun & Clip-on

By making a selection of best-selling models from our Lookkino vista Moda e Sport collection, and dressing them up in new colors, the new Lookkino Sun are born.

Arts and Crafts: The New Profilo

The Profilo series, born from a hand-made design, expands with six new models in 24 total colors in the MIDSIZE size. The title Arts and Crafts represents a new aesthetic and tells of an emotional relationship with both the raw material used, Mazzucchelli block acetate, and our workmanship, which is exclusive!

LOOK MODA Series 4570

Look presents two new bold acetate frames, where suggestions of the past return reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

LOOK Icons Series 4610

For spring-summer 2024 LOOK presents the new models of the ICONS collection, ten eyewear models that showcase the essence of the brand with a contemporary style. The concept of evergreen is reflected in shapes that capture the spirit of the eternal and emphasized by color choices that reinterpret the havana of the 1950s and 1970s with shaded or color block hues.

Series 75370 Moda Collection

The shapes, inspired by a concept of contemporary elegance, propose marked geometric lines and more rounded contours with a slightly retro flavor. They are distinguished by a special milling in the eyebrow area that allows to play with transparencies and thicknesses.

New LOOK SUN, 4625 series

A series that reinterprets the rules of sun frames, trendy shapes in which maximum comfort finds its place thanks to the masterfully crafted fit.
The ultimate expression of cellulose acetate, strictly Italian. Shape, color, style, the epitome of Look.

Light and color in the new 4600 series

It is a refined elegance with minimalist rigor that is expressed by the 4 new models of the Look Moda collection in acetate, all declined in the feminine style.

Shining Elegance - 6440 Series

Refined, light and sophisticated in concept and color, a mix of shining elegance. Very contemporary and high-performance shapes. Lightness and widespread flexibility, given by our XINOX, materialize in extreme comfort and accurate fit.

Look Midsize Serie 5400

Continuous concepts and colors with a contemporary twist, underscored by the medium thickness of the fronts and the rod with a modern edge. Established and preformed shapes.

Upgraded Minimalism - Serie 10915

An essential tailoring with a strong character, free of unnecessary ornamental details, with just an emphasis on profile thicknesses: these are the aesthetic principles of the 6 new metal Moda models that Look has launched for the upcoming F/W 2023-24 season.

Lookkino Acetate - Series 03915

LOOK launches the new Lookkino Acetate collection!
Four models, two female and two unisex, in 24 total colors completely made of cellulose acetate, strictly Italian in the LOOK tradition.
Bright transparent shades alternate with black and havana tones that are increasingly in demand even in the children's segment.

Look Sales Summer Meeting 2023

Look renews itself with an eye to the future aware of its historicity and values.
We welcome you to the lobby of our Longarone headquarters: the entrance area and meeting room have been completely renovated making the environment more welcoming, inviting and modern.

Flex Life - Serie 4595

With the Flex Life capsule, which includes three new models 4595, 4596, and 4597, we have introduced a new concept of preforming athleisure into the field of Look's Sport collection. The title FLEX LIFE plays with two concepts: the free and flexible lifestyle, as is the sporty and technical style of the collection, and the fact that these glasses have a flex hinge.

Urban & Dynamic by 20/20 Europe

LOOK launches a completely new vision collection. Our vision of accessible FASHION.
Six frames, in four colors per model. Contemporary in design and inspired by the latest KOOL TRENDS in the Italian market.
LOOK continues the research on materials, developing with this new know-how. An exclusive acetate, 100% made in LOOK.

Look Spring-Summer 2023

LOOK launches a completely new sight/sun collection.
Our vision of FASHION.

Look Alumix - Serie 70680

LOOK launches, four new Alumix frames with a modern, clean cut.

LOOK NOI - Image Campaign 2023

Over 40 years of experience in the industry, with a commitment to always make unique products, completely made in Italy and with excellent qualities, designed to improve people's visual well-being. A mission that LOOK wants to emphasize, marking a further step toward a corporate maturity that translates into technically functional and aesthetically modern and cool eyewear thanks to a multiconcept know-how.

Look Bold - The Lightness of Volume

With the BOLD collection, the lightness of NIL meets trendy volume!
When we hear the term BOLD, we immediately think of high-impact, high-volume frames.

Midsize - An eyeglass for every size

Made entirely of cellulose acetate, the models in this collection are 100% the ideal solution for adult consumers who cannot find a stylish and trendy product in the sizes appropriate for larger faces.

Full Nil

4 models, 1 boy’s, 1 girl’s, and 2 unisex completely in NIL for both the front and the temples.

A new milestone achieved by the world’s leading collection of premium kids frames that can now offer an even better performing product in terms of resistance and lightness.

The evolution of the concept of "Graphic Make-up"

LOOK PROFILO - Serie 4545
Launched in September 2021 for the first time, LOOK PROFILO immediately found a preferential dialogue for lovers of contemporary aesthetics with great personality!
A winning concept that determined the natural evolution of the project with the inclusion of new shapes and unprecedented color solutions.

Dynamicity 2.0

Super light and soft to the touch: these are the new Lookkino NIL KIDS glasses, dedicated to children from 4 years of age, their joy and liveliness.

Vision of a sensory dialogue

STILE - Serie 70512
In the new STILE frames for the Adult High-end segment of LOOK, the expertise gained from the previous models 70510 and 70511, cornerstones of the collection for models made of Alumix, the exclusive Aluminum and Magnesium alloy launched in the market now in 2016, is consolidated.

Exclusivity of color through touch

LOOKKINO Touch Colors
A collection that needs no introduction, the best in the world in the premium kids segment. Since its debut in 1995, it has enjoyed success thanks to its technical and functional approach in a perfect dialogue with the color scheme that identifies a clear segment.

Contemporary vision of technique and aesthetics

LOOK LAMINA - Serie 10890
In the new LOOK LAMINA frames for LOOK Adult segment , the name takes inspiration from the concept of the front manufacturing resulting from the union of rimmed and decorative metal expertly finished with precious contemporary textures.

Rubber Evo Becomes Adult

LOOK RUBBER EVO - Serie 5380
Conceived on the basis of the experience gained with children’s frames, the glasses of this new Look series are designed following precise rules on the ergonomics of use, while maintaining the characteristics of elasticity, comfort and practicality of the well-established Rubber Evo models of the Lookkino Kids Premium segment.

The future is in color

LOOK introduces ARCOBALENO, the series of premium optical frames for kids by LOOKKINO, designed and made for the younger set.

Hymn to lightness

STRATO - Serie 70660
LOOK most conceptual and technical line, launches the new STRATO series of prescription frames, whose name and inspiration come from the layering of surfaces: a true hymn to lightness.

New Rinascimento

NEW RINASCIMENTO - The new communication campaign
After the darkness, the light returns, after the night, there is always day. It is a message of optimism and hope that LOOK-made in Italia wants to launch with the new communication campaign NEWRINASCIMENTO: the title immediately calls to mind the transition between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which for our time translates into a rebirth after the Pandemic that struck the world two years ago.

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