On Thursday, July 4, we had the pleasure of hosting at our headquarters in Longarone a selected delegation of journalists for the PRESS TOUR organized by ANFAO. The meeting was a unique opportunity to present LOOK from the origin of vision through our innovations in eyewear.

 After a warm welcome, our Marketing Team introduced our company reality by accompanying the visit with a presentation to tell the story of our company and its evolution over time.

 The narrative was enhanced by a set-up prepared for the occasion that allowed visitors to directly observe our frames, from the very first models to the latest experiments for new collections, in preparation for their presentation at the annual Silmo Paris event. Our goal was to share with ANFAO the company's mission: an inclusive approach and a forward-looking, innovation-oriented outlook, complemented by family and historical experience in the industry. This journey through time made for a particularly immersive and engaging experience.

 During the meeting, we also illustrated the design work and the production phase of our frames, which take place entirely in our Cima Gogna headquarters, giving participants a complete view of our production process and the care we devote to every detail. With the intervention of Monica Gazzi, our Color Specialist, it was also possible to illustrate the technique and color processing of our products. The telling of the creative process of color choice was crucial in expressing research and experimentation as a method to enhance the materials and distinctive details of eyewear.

 We thank ANFAO and especially all the journalists present. The experience was a great opportunity for the company to tell its story directly through our team members, and also a special opportunity to meet with expert figures who always have an interested and professional look at our work.

 It was a pleasure to be able to share our passion and commitment and to host you all at LOOK!

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