LOOK is a spokesman for Italian style in independent eyewear, even bringing new trends to life.
We dress Italian design in fashion and color, interpreting color trends with modernity and an eye to the future.

Our lifestyle vision are frames that cross styles and eras while remaining timeless as recognizable icons in the ICONS collection.
The expression of authentic Italian character is manifested in the kool and modern frames of the MODA collection.
Our vision of sporty and dynamic style is represented by the SPORT collection.

Family, respect, inclusion, and sharing side by side with innovation, reliability, and Italian-ness are our distinctive values.
With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we carry out our commitment to make unique products, completely made in Italy and with excellent qualities, designed to improve people's visual well-being.

UA mission that for us translates into technically functional and aesthetically modern and kool eyewear thanks to multiconcept know-how.
We can thus guarantee reliability, quality, style and concreteness to those who want to choose a 100% made in Italy product.

Time capsule

Travel with LOOK through the technologies and eyewear of our Heritage. You will be able to relive our achievements and successes through historical and eyewear design evolutions. This time capsule is designed to introduce you to the icons and values that have always distinguished LOOK, with a look at current events to learn what the future of those historic pieces has been.

The exploration starts from the beginnings and branches out among the pivotal moments in the company's history: you can immerse yourself in the passion and avant-garde spirit that has always pervaded LOOK. This temporal evolution allows you to understand how LOOK has always been dropped into the present and, at the same time, projected into the future; staying true to its values and principles.

1978 The origin of LOOK vision

The 1970s are a decade of freedom, transgression, political struggles, but also of great creativity in all fields: they are the years of pop and rock music, disco, flower children, and the economic-social turn.
These are years characterized by colors and prints with flowers and geometric designs, of high-waisted and flared pants, bandanas and miniskirts.
Years that saw the emergence of revolutionary innovations, projected toward a future that promised to be rosy.

1986 Timeless Icons

The 1980s marked an era of confidence in the future and great carefreeness. The Internet was born and special effects arrived at the cinema, the Berlin Wall fell, the cinepanettone was rampant in Italy, nights began with happy hour and were dotted with neon lights.
A period that, in the collective memory, are light years in all respects: it is the decade of technology, exaggeration and ephemerality.

1990 Design and Innovation

With the 1990s, a new path is taken between globalization and technological innovations. There also begins to be a new focus on ethics in production processes: the key words are uniqueness, quality, diversity, and respect for nature and the environment.
The 1990s are an expression of a more sober realism that in these years begins to intertwine with the virtual. Art becomes an expression of the civil and moral growth of this era.

2000 Richness of detail

The early 2000s saw a world of very rapid change that, as technology boomed, made predictions about innovations impossible. Having overcome the fears of the Millennium bug, technologies see exponential growth in terms of diffusion and improvement.
In these years the first social networks are born, the euro is introduced, and travel habits change with internet bookings.

2010 A look ahead

In the second decade of the 2000s, the technological evolutionary push continues. In the film industry, 3D and film sagas find great popularity and thrive with great public appreciation.
These are years in which fashion from the most elegant styles merges with casual achieving a new aesthetic that also provides greater comfort for people.

2015 Revolution in materials

These are years of great changes for designers in the fashion industry, but also of the recognition of the role of influencers due to the spread achieved in social media. In space, new worlds are discovered and for the first time a black hole is photographed.
In addition, attention to the environment becomes a primary necessity by developing, starting with the younger generation, a new climate consciousness.

2023 Continued evolution

Since 2020 there have been events that have marked the advance of humanity: from the first lock-down to the Black Lives Matter movement. These are years in which social media, especially TikTok and Instagram, have totally entered the everyday life of the general public.
Thanks to them, too, the desire for an inclusive culture and acceptance of difference has spread.

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