Lookkino Sun & Clip-on

By making a selection of best-selling models from our Lookkino vista Moda e Sport collection, and dressing them up in new colors, the new Lookkino Sun are born. A proposal of 4 models created in response to the growing demand for sun protection even in cases where the child does not need ophthalmic lenses.

To ensure maximum performance and glare protection, the new Lookkino Suns mount lenses in CR-39, UV 400, optical class 1, protection category 3 and, with the addition of an internal anti-reflective treatment, ensure improved vision clarity.

Our new Kids Clip-ons were created to add and provide sun protection on our bestselling Lookkino vision models. 

In creating these Clip-ons, we used our NIL with a 3D technology. This allowed us to encapsulate in this add-on all the material’s characteristics of strength, lightness, flexibility and shape memory. 

The attachment hooks on the eyewear form one piece with the 3D clip-on facilitating its fitting and ensuring its stability in wear.
The polarized lens, which is very lightweight and resistant to accidental scratches or abrasions, provides excellent visual comfort and high glare protection.

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