Arts and Crafts: The New Profilo

The Profilo series, born from a hand-made design, expands with six new models in 24 total colors in the MIDSIZE size. The title Arts and Crafts represents a new aesthetic and tells of an emotional relationship with both the raw material used, Mazzucchelli block acetate, and our workmanship, which is exclusive!

To the expressive power of havanes, horns and gradients, we wanted to add contour color effects that sum up the essence of our project and make the eyewear exclusive.

Pure blacks give way to dusky patterns: the dark, natural tones of sky and earth (on the enamels) desaturate as the light fades, replacing the black. Flowing or geometric patterns and transparent foils reinterpret nature.

Transparent colored foils, on a horn base, create plays of color and light: the colors of the glazes follow the tones of the bases. Warm brown tones are present in patterns of havana, the revised colors of the glazes become warmer and brighter. While fluid or geometric patterns convey a contemporary appeal.

Plays of light and color increased through the use of shaded acetates: graphic lines of color create a make-up aesthetic by mixing with the degradé effect of acetate.

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