LOOK NOI - Image Campaign 2023

Over 40 years of experience in the industry, with a commitment to always make unique products, completely made in Italy and with excellent qualities, designed to improve people's visual well-being. A mission that LOOK wants to emphasize, marking a further step toward a corporate maturity that translates into technically functional and aesthetically modern and cool eyewear thanks to a multiconcept know-how.

"We intend to build a modern, kool and independent company, developing a management model that aims at autonomy and financial control, with the goal of giving structure to a solid, elastic and profitable organization aimed at facilitating the success of employees," Vittore and Cristiana Tormen, Directors of LOOK, summarize the company's vision in this way.

Family, respect, inclusion, sharing but also innovation, reliability, and Italianness are just some of the values that distinguish the company. A reflection that led to changing the name LOOK-made in Italy to LOOK. "Made in Italy" (made in Italy) yes represents one of the essential values, but it is not the only one. The payoff is Unique Experience, which effectively sums up mission, vision and values.

Accordingly, the communication campaign becomes a representation of LOOK's new visual identity. After Embrace (2021) which recalled how the pandemic had deprived us of contacts, New Renaissance (2022) which celebrated the post-pandemic rebirth but at the same time announced the beginning of LOOK's new journey, 2023 is meant to be the affirmation of the company itself, i.e., LOOK. WE is the title, as simple as it is powerful: because WE are what we have always communicated consistently with ourselves.

The new communication campaign synthesizes the aspect of LOOK as a custodian of value and the KOOL aspect of aesthetics and design involving all product ranges: kids premium (Lookkino), adult premium (Look) and adult high-end (Materika). The models and models in the shots present bold features to reflect uniqueness, inclusiveness, innovation and modernity. They pose with an intense gaze to express reliability, precision, and respect, and show true and spontaneous expressions to represent sharing, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, respect, and employee growth.

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