Rubber Evo Becomes Adult

Dynamic comfort in the new 5380 series

LOOK - made in Italia, in the constant research and experimentation of materials and exclusive technologies designed to improve people’s lives, presents the new Rubber Evo Series for the Look Adult Premium segment.

Conceived on the basis of the experience gained with children’s frames, the glasses of this new Look series are designed following precise rules on the ergonomics of use, while maintaining the characteristics of elasticity, comfort and practicality of the well-established Rubber Evo models of the Lookkino Kids Premium segment.

The 5380 series consists of four frames each of which is declined in four colors.

Rubber Evo frames are created thanks to the revolutionary TWICE bi-injection process, whereby two different materials, NIL and EVO, are combined and fused into a single structure. The result is a qualitatively excellent mix, giving widespread elasticity and comfortable fit.

Thanks to the concealed flex zipper, any kind of protrusion is also eliminated, making this product safe and practical even in very dynamic use.

Thus comes to life a lightweight, flexible and robust product to accompany its user at all times of the day.

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